Submission Instruction

How to submit articles online?

To submit articles, Corresponding Author (author who serves as the single contact for manuscript submission, revision, publication, and related correspondence) should have registered as an author for Conservation Science. If you have never registered as an author for Conservation Science, please do so prior to submitting a manuscript.

Registration can be done to our Manuscript Central here. If you have previously registered, do not re-register. If in doubt, attempt to log-in and provide your email address to retrieve your password. Once have user name and password, and successfully logged in manuscript central, the Corresponding Author can begin the submission process through the “New Submit” link on his or her Author Main Menu page. From here, the author will be guided step-by-step through the creation and uploading of the various files.

 General steps:

  1. Select the appropriate section for this submission (type of articles) from dropdown menu.
  2. Read carefully "submission checklist". Conservation Science abides by its Code of Conduct . The journal aims to follow to Best Practice Guidelines. Authors should comply with best practices in publication ethics, specifically regarding plagiarism, manipulation, and competing interests.
  3. Read carefully "copyright notice"
  4. In the "Comments for the Editor", author(s) should provide a short cover letter that clearly summarize why paper is a valuable contribution to the science and conservation managers. Please provide at least 3-5 recommended or opposed reviewers. Recommended reviewers should not be working in authors’ home institution. Click on "Save and Continue".
  5. In the step 2, browse submission file and click on upload. It may take few minutes (depending size of file) to upload file. Click "Save and Continue". Please do not upload file size larger than 25 MB.
  6. Corresponding author will be asked to enter the names, email addresses, and institutional affiliations of coauthor(s). If submitting on behalf of other author, please select appropriate author who will be corresponding author (click on “Principle contact for editorial correspondence”). Note that editorial correspondence will be directed to the new corresponding author). Submitting author (or corresponding author) can change order of author by clicking on arrow () icon.
  7. Click "Save and Continue"
  8. Upload supplementary files, if any. Click "Save and Continue"
  9. Press "Finish submission

"How to submit revision?

Once decision is made on your paper, you will be communicated by editor or (editorial staff). If revision is required, please carefully review comments by editor and reviewers provided in Nepal (attachments or inserted below message). Authors are strongly encouraged to visit author’s user home (log in system) and find any documents for authors. Prepare revision following guideline here.If you are asked to revise your manuscript, please prepare following three file (1. Author_Response_To_Reviewers, 2.Revised manuscript).

Response to reviewers: Carefully read comments by editor and reviewers. Prepare a file named “Author_Response_To_Reviewers and provide one by one comments. You are advised to break down comments into several questions and answer each of them with reference to line and page numbers of the manuscript.

 For example:

 Reviewer 1

Comment 1.1 Write reviewer comment here

Response 1.2 Provide your answer here (give page and line number)

Revised manuscript: Prepare a final copy of your manuscript that address concerns of reviewers and editor.

 How to submit revision online?

To submit revision, please go your home page (log in with your user name and password) and click on tile of paper. This will lead you to a new page. In the Review page, scroll bottom of page and upload revision file (note: don’t make file name long, which may be denied to upload). Once you upload revision, editor will be notified automatically.

How to review articles ?

Once an editor of journal invites you to review a paper, you will receive an email invitation, which contains a special URL that takes invited reviewers directly to the Review page for the submission. But reviewer requires to log in to access any other pages. Once you click URL, you will see a summary of the submission details.Next, you will see the review schedule, and the associated deadline. Next, the Review process is divided into seven steps:

  1. First, you have to indicate to the Section Editor whether they will undertake the review. The decision should be made after reviewing the submission's Abstract. In this stage, you are not allowed to download and view submission. If you are unable to do the review, click on Unable to do the review which leads to a standard email to the Section Editor. If able to do the review, click on Will do the review, which leads to a standard email to the Section Editor, and which will indicate to Section Editor and Author that the review is underway.
  2. Consult the Reviewer Guidelines, found at the bottom of the Review page. The Reviewer Guidelines have been prepared by the Editors of the journal to ensure that your review is as helpful as possible to them and the author.
  3. The Author has uploaded the submission as a file, which you can download from the journal's web site to your computer by clicking on the file name. The Supplementary Files refer to materials the Author may have uploaded in addition to the submission, such as data sets, research instruments, or source texts.
  4. You are required to declare whether or not you have competing interests with the article being reviewed. If this is the case, this step becomes a form requesting a declaration of Competing Interests, and all following steps change their step number accordingly.
  5. Click on the Review icon and is presented with two Review text-boxes where the Review can be either entered by hand or pasted: one for the Editor and Author, and one visible to the Editor only. The Reviewer may enter or paste partial reviews into these boxes and click the Save button at the bottom of the form to return and make changes later. The Reviewer may return to make such changes until a recommendation on the main Review pages is chosen, at which time the Review process is complete.
  6. Click on icon to fill the review form. Once you make appropriate recommendation, click on OK.
  7. You also have the option, in addition to entering a review, of uploading files for the Section Editor and/or the Author to see. These files may be an annotated version of the submission or some relevant data or other materials that will assist Editor and/or Author. It will be at the Editor's discretion whether these files are shown to the Author, but you can certainly comment on this in the Review.
  8. You must select a Recommendation for the submission from among the following options: Accept, Revisions Required, Resubmit for Review, Resubmit Elsewhere, Decline Submission, See Comments. When you click Submit Review to the Editor, it leads to a prepared email to the Section Editor, and makes your recommendation, saved Review (which is now locked) and any uploaded files available to the Editor.