‘Infantile and misunderstood’: PwC hits again at Lord Sugar’s ‘lazy gits’ hybrid operating tweet | Industry Information

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PwC has hit again at Lord Sugar after he mentioned the corporate’s choice to let body of workers take Friday afternoons off was once a “bloody shaggy dog story”.

The Apprentice boss tweeted that staff who earn a living from home don’t seem to be as productive as those that move right into a office.

“The lazy gits make me unwell,” he mentioned in accordance with a tale in regards to the accountancy company letting employees clock off at lunchtime on Fridays.

Writing on LinkedIn, a senior govt praise supervisor at PwC mentioned his view was once flawed and “at best possible infantile and misunderstood”.

Richard Osborne posted: “Lord Sugar, your submit presentations how out of contact you might be with the fashionable operating global and your lack of know-how about what PwC are doing.

“This is not about taking day off to be lazy – it’s about flexibility to paintings successfully as and once we paintings our best possible. ‘Earn a living from home BS’ has intended that many people were way more productive than we have been pre-pandemic and your reaction is at best possible infantile and misunderstood.”

In respond to every other remark, he mentioned the peer confirmed “a complete lack of understanding of the best way we paintings has developed. Bums on seats does now not equivalent productiveness or a ‘higher’ group of workers individually.”

‘The Space of Lords is full of those entitled slugs’

The pandemic ended in a surge in operating from house, and lots of firms are looking to determine one of the best ways of operating a ‘hybrid’ machine to permit body of workers flexibility of their hours and site.

Mr Osborne’s reaction has thus far sparked just about 700 feedback on LinkedIn, with the overwhelming majority supporting some great benefits of operating from house and a few calling Lord Sugar a “dinosaur” – and worse.

“The Space of Lords is full of those entitled slugs. The day it is abolished is a superb one,” wrote advertising company director Christopher-Robin Lamont.

“Running from house could be a nice gateway into paintings for other people at an enormous drawback; the ones taking care of family members, with disabilities and neurodevelopmental ‘problems’, trauma and comparable sickness….it is a lengthy listing of lengthy forgotten other people.”

Author and speaker Chris Croft mentioned that treating body of workers neatly “is one of the best ways to stay them, now not treating them like lazy individuals who will do the minimal paintings if they are able to”.

Some feedback took a extra nuanced view and mentioned the viability of operating from house debate is determined by the precise industry.

“I hate this argument. Simply as I hate the argument that claims all employers must permit house operating. The location is a long way too particular in opposition to the person context to generalise like this,” mentioned Rob McKay, from Sherrington Buddies.

“On the subject of house operating, now not everybody wishes it or desires it however for people that do, certain, there are some who will take the p***, however there will be an equivalent proportion of employers who needlessly mandate presenteeism, thereby additionally taking the p***.”

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