Does the unique Xbox One nonetheless have what it takes to run trendy cross-gen video games?

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The unique Xbox One introduced in 2013 as an all-in-one leisure field with a Kinect sensor, broadcast TV integration and a majestic £429/$499 USD ticket. Its ambitions as a multimedia centre have been prime – nevertheless it got here at a price. Xbox One was once underpowered because of a DDR3/ESRAM reminiscence machine with much less bandwidth overal than the GDDR5-equipped PS4 and considerably decrease GPU compute functionality. The 2016 release of Xbox One S was once an development, now not simply relating to form-factor however in functionality too, because of a GPU ‘overclock’. All of which raises the query: how does the antique 2013 style carry out when challenged with the newest cross-gen video games? If Xbox One S is suffering – which it’s – does that imply that homeowners of the OG style get an excellent much less spectacular revel in? We determined to determine.

First up, let’s refresh ourselves at the variations between the unique Xbox One unit, codenamed Durango and its One S successor (recognized internally as Edmonton). Whilst extensively very similar to the unique unit, the One S includes a higher-clocked GPU, taking the GCN-based design from 853MHz to 914MHz, a 7.1 % building up in frequency and GPU compute, whilst reminiscence bandwidth at the built-in ESRAM will increase from 204GB/s to 219GB/s. Plus, the brand new console got here with a bevy of latest show options owing to its make stronger for the HDMI 2.0 output usual. The GPU enhancements right here were not large however they gave the performance-starved console somewhat extra overhead to take care of challenging video games.

This new machine changed the unique Xbox One for our cross-platform analyses someday all the way through 2017 and hasn’t been revisited since – and by way of extension, we need to surprise to what extent the older system will get complete QA make stronger at the developer aspect in an international the place the majority of Xbox One machines in the market are the more moderen S style.

Watch the YouTube video to peer Oliver’s Xbox One research in larger intensity.
Xbox One {hardware} specifications Xbox One Xbox One S

(12 CUs at 853MHz)
1.40TF AMD

(12 CUs at 914MHz)
CPU AMD Jaguar

(8 cores at 1.75GHz)
AMD Jaguar

(8 cores at 1.75GHz)
Reminiscence 8GB DDR3 at 68.3GB/s

32MB ESRAM at 204GB/s
8GB DDR3 at 68.3GB/s

32MB ESRAM at 219GB/s
Garage 500GB 5400RPM HDD 500GB 5400RPM HDD
HDR, VRR, 4K output No Sure

It is time to get trying out. The Xbox One we examined is an unique 2013 unit, bought in a while after release and used just about incessantly – a just about nine-year-old console that should be appearing its age. That is the weakest officially-supported {hardware} that may run the likes of Cyberpunk 2077, Battlefield 2042 and Elden Ring, blockbuster titles that may have functionality issues on even the quickest of the current-gen consoles. In our assessments, showcased in complete within the video above, we captured seven contemporary video games to peer precisely how the One holds up towards titles that more and more appear to be focused on some distance awesome current-gen {hardware}.

Extensively, video games on Xbox One appear to fall into two camps: those who run OK regardless of some shortcomings and people who endure and obviously do not hit their functionality goals. Forza Horizon 5 and Grid Legends are nice examples of the previous class. There are some tough edges right here and there, equivalent to streaming hitches when travelling at prime pace in Forza or low frame-rate replays in Grid, however by way of and massive, you’ll be able to revel in a wonderfully playable revel in at the unique Xbox One, albeit at a decrease answer and frame-rate than later Xbox consoles.

Xbox One usually suffers in multi-platform titles. In Elden Ring right here, functionality is similar to Xbox One S, regardless of its quicker GPU. Then again, in different titles, the S will also be quicker.

The opposite – and sadly greater – class finds a systemic drawback with video games at the Xbox One, the place too steadily frame-rates are low even in much less challenging scenes, stutters are not unusual and judder steadily calls for VRR to clean out – which, as you’ll be able to recall, is not an choice at the unique Xbox One. Cyberpunk 2077, Name of Responsibility Leading edge, Battlefield 2042, Elden Ring and Stories of Rise up all be afflicted by those functionality problems and in lots of instances graphical constancy must had been sacrificed to hit a extra strong frame-rate.

After all, we will’t inform by way of trying out Xbox One on my own whether or not that is particular to the unique 2013 {hardware}, or whether or not it is one thing additionally skilled at the more moderen One S – so we additionally ran a chain of functionality assessments on each consoles to determine.

We all know that the GPU clock has been higher by way of 7.1 % at the Xbox One S, which will have to produce a measurable functionality hole between those two machines – however the building up in ESRAM bandwidth will have to additionally strengthen frame-rates too. Stories of Rise up is a superb take a look at case, because it meets 3 essential standards for comparing the {hardware} variations: it is usually GPU-limited, with an unlocked frame-rate to simply follow functionality fluctuations and a static answer so the rendering workload will have to be an identical around the consoles in matching photos. The clock building up interprets to more or less a two to 4 frames in step with moment increased frame-rate in matching spaces, which is more or less consistent with the clock pace building up.

In different titles, the effects are understandably much less constant. Cyberpunk 2077, for instance, runs considerably higher at the One S in scenes that appear to be extra GPU-limited, however in different places the streaming calls for pressure out the CPU and depart the 2 machines on even footing. Elden Ring is far the similar, and does not appear to turn significant functionality variations when navigating the open global. In most cases, if a sport is CPU-limited, or if a sport helps a dynamic answer machine, frame-rates will have to be an identical between the 2 machines.

With the exception of out-and-out functionality, sport load instances also are problematic at the unique Xbox One, with our trying out revealing considerably longer load instances in some video games – Forza Horizon 5, as an example, so much 35 % quicker at the One S as opposed to the OG One, and we see measurable variations in A ways Cry 6 and CrossfireX too. The effects listed below are sudden and intriguing and we will be offering two possible explanations. At the start, that the specifications of the onerous drives is also other, with the One S that includes a extra trendy, increased functionality HDD. The opposite possible rationalization is that force well being at the OG style has degraded over time owing to extra use, leading to longer loading instances.

Load instances Xbox One (seconds) Xbox One S (seconds) One S merit

Forza Horizon 5

144.6 106.8 35.4%
The Ascent 162.7 160.0 1.6%
A ways Cry 6 58.4 52.2 11.9%
CrossfireX 78.7 74.4 5.9%

Cyberpunk 2077

50.0 49.2 1.6%

There may be some cast proof that as we transfer in the course of the cross-gen length that homeowners of last-gen consoles are more and more getting a degraded revel in, in particular in additional bold titles. As an example, Name of Responsibility Leading edge plays considerably worse on Xbox One than Name of Responsibility Fashionable Struggle did, and the similar will also be stated for Battlefield 2042 as opposed to Battlefield 5. You get the sense that those titles may have had extra strong frame-rates in this {hardware} if the Xbox One was once nonetheless a current-gen system moderately than a second-class citizen.

That is somewhat of an issue as a result of many upcoming titles are nonetheless slated to liberate in this {hardware} and thus we are certain to peer extra unsatisfactory Xbox One variations because the cross-gen technology continues. After all, some titles are shedding deliberate make stronger for last-gen {hardware}, however many big-ticket video games are prone to in point of fact battle right here.

In the long run, whilst the Xbox One remains to be able to working maximum new releases, the revel in leaves so much to be desired with the potential of a worse-still functionality at the release style. As cross-gen continues, Xbox One is stuck in a hard spot: now not simplest is it the least able to the last-gen machines, it additionally has a miles decrease put in base in comparison to PlayStation 4, whilst its DDR3/ESRAM set-up additionally continues to reason issues for builders.

All of because of this that an improve in point of fact can ship wonders and whilst PS5 and Collection X are the go-to choices, there’s a value-based choice. Sure, we’ve some reservations in regards to the £249/$299 Xbox Collection S however there may be no doubt that as an improve trail for Xbox One customers, it is an unbelievable system that gives an unlimited development over its last-gen an identical – it is priced properly and availability now not appears to be a subject matter. Its loss of make stronger for disc video games is problematic, however perhaps Microsoft has a solution to that. And that’s the reason the largest takeaway from this workout in point of fact: it is time to transfer on and fortunately console avid gamers have a variety of fine alternatives to be had.

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