Halo Limitless’s Season 2 patch fixes long-standing animation insects, provides new graphics modes

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Halo Limitless was once tough across the edges on launch with animation problems, frame-pacing woes and additional issues in cutscenes. Some problems have been tackled post-launch, however it is with the discharge of the Season 2 patch that some long-standing problems have after all been resolved. We took a have a look at the fixes that 343 Industries has installed position on PC and Xbox Sequence X/S, protecting animation, cutscenes and graphical modes, and recognized some lingering problems with frame-pacing, v-sync and VRR that sadly nonetheless persist.

Let’s get started with the great things first: Halo Limitless makes a significantly better first impact on PC, Sequence X and Sequence S, due to fixes to long-standing problems with the sport’s pre-rendered cutscenes. After the patch, colors and black ranges are actually right kind and the pre-rendered video series performs again with correct frame-pacing, making it really feel a lot smoother and extra polished in consequence. This may no longer sound like a large deal, however this series value some huge cash to make, it is key to the sport’s preliminary story-telling and for it to give how it did at release is a thriller. Nonetheless, the issue’s now solved – and the advance is palpable: it appears proper, the washed out glance is long gone and the jerky playback problems are after all fastened.

Cutscene playback – a topic we highlighted pre-launch and that Microsoft advised us could be patched – has after all been fastened too. This one is bizarre: even supposing the sport ran constantly at 60fps or 120fps, exact motion throughout the cutscene was once very jerky and really offputting, giving the semblance of a miles decrease efficiency degree. This repair comes as an actual reduction, a great deal bettering the visible high quality of all cutscenes, running effectively in comination ith smaller fixes just like the prevention of lighting flickering while you fly out to do the primary open global venture. That stated, one factor nonetheless stays: facial animations of every kind nonetheless play out at 30fps, one thing that did not happen in pre-release pictures circa 2020. With a bit of luck this too can also be fastened in an upcoming launch, in order that cutscenes can glance as just right as they will have to.

To peer precisely what those adjustments appear to be in motion, take a look at Alex Battaglia’s video.

New graphical modes have additionally been added to Xbox Sequence consoles, whilst different modes had been renamed in accordance with their frame-rate goals. That implies that the Sequence X and Sequence S now each and every have 3 modes to choose between: 30fps, 60fps and 120fps. The Sequence S 120fps mode in reality debuted with the beta flight of the sport, however disappeared for release. This HFR mode achieves its goal through shedding answer significantly, even supposing different settings like draw distance and results utilization keep the similar. With this mode enabled, the sport stays at a ~540p inside answer with variable price shading (VRS), with the general symbol temporally upscaled to 1080p. Sadly, VRS is not a just right have compatibility for this low answer, as it will probably once in a while reason intense flickering and big macro blocks which might be moderately distracting.

The picture high quality for frame-rate tradeoff works neatly indoors, particularly in multiplayer the place motion is kind of a locked 120fps, however the open global sections of the sport’s marketing campaign run at a juddery 70-90fps. Drops to decrease frame-rates in action-packed moments or right through speedy traversal too can happen, however it is transparent that the mode delivers considerably upper frame-rates than the 60fps mode, which is the secret.

Sequence X additionally sees a 30fps mode, which caps the sport’s frame-rate to 30fps to verify the absolute best imaginable inside answer at a given second. This mode nonetheless makes use of VRS, however it is much less obtrusive because of the upper base answer. In follow regardless that, this mode does not be offering an enormous visible distinction in comparison to the 60fps mode, and halving the frame-rate robs the sport of a undeniable degree of fluidity and responsiveness.

In 60fps mode on a 120Hz display, frame-pacing issues are chronic. This isn’t standard online game behaviour!

The 30fps mode additionally marks the go back of our previous nemesis: unsuitable frame-pacing. Frames don’t seem to be delivered at a typical period, so that you get chronic frame-time spikes during play that ruin the steadiness the mode tries to succeed in, in the long run rendering it redudant.

Sadly, the 30fps mode on Sequence X is not the one position that studies frame-pacing problems. In brief, any mode that caps the frame-rate beneath the refresh price of your TV or track shows the similar drawback, like enjoying the 60fps mode on a 4K 120Hz show which in reality appears worse than enjoying the sport at 60Hz – one thing that are meant to by no means happen.

This factor impacts all Xbox consoles and PC, whilst PC nonetheless has the v-sync trojan horse that reasons small, common frame-time spikes – one thing we’ve got been reporting on for the reason that flighting procedure closing summer season. You could be expecting that the usage of a variable refresh price (VRR) would clear up the problem, however sadly this doesn’t lately behave because it will have to. For some reason why, even easy digicam motion can produce vital judder – once more, that is very peculiar. Via it very nature, VRR will have to easy out stutter, however for no matter reason why, it is not running.

So, following the Season 2 patch, Halo Limitless is in a greater position than it was once, with some long-standing problems after all resolved, despite the fact that a number of irritating technical problems persist. All of those bugbears really feel like fixable issues, so I’m hoping we proceed to look patches addressing them shifting ahead. In the end, there is a nice sport right here hiding in the back of those technical issues, and extra other folks will have to have the ability to revel in it now following the Season 2 patch.

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