Lego Builder’s Adventure: the ray tracing exhibit hits PS5

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Lego Builder’s Adventure is a surprising recreation with a complete ray tracing characteristic set that provides the name a CG-like high quality on a high-end gaming PC. This makes the brand new PS5 unencumber reasonably intriguing. Just like the PC, it guarantees ray-traced visuals, not like remaining yr’s unencumber on Xbox Collection consoles – so can the PS5 ship a top-class revel in and the way does it examine to the conventionally-rendered Xbox variations?

Prior to we get into the comparisons, let’s destroy down Lego Builder’s Adventure into its development blocks. It is a reasonably restricted name, necessarily a chain of small puzzle phases, offered from an isometric viewpoint with restricted digicam motion. The unique unencumber centered iPhones and iPads in any case, with easy and graphically elementary ranges that would not glance in particular thrilling on consoles or PC. However this relative simplicity, at the side of a conversion from Solidarity’s extra restricted Common Render Pipeline to their complicated Top Definition Render Pipeline, allowed Gentle Brick Studio to actually scale up the visible high quality when it shipped on PC remaining yr. Even with out raytracing options the name appeared superb, with sparsely carried out SSR, ambient occlusion, subsurface scattering, and volumetric lights.

Ray tracing, after all, took the name to the following degree, fixing all of the issues inherent to the screen-space tactics and turning in a a lot more correct lights simulation whole with RT for shadows, ambient occlusion, world illumination and reflections. An improve like this could most likely end up very difficult for a regular AAA name that used to be constructed from the ground-up with precalculated answers in thoughts, however right here, a ray-traced pathway used to be eminently possible and produced nice effects. So how smartly do those console releases examine to the top-end PC unencumber?

lego a builder's journey screenshot comparison digital foundry
The unique iOS unencumber has been hugely scaled up for PC – and PS5.

Let’s get started with solution. In line with Gentle Brick Studio, the sport runs at a local solution of 2954×1662 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Collection X and 1970×1108 on Collection S. The heavy reliance on post-processing serves as a little bit of a leveling mechanism and all console variations of the sport glance subdued, with out a large number of high-quality element. Alternatively, the bottom resolutions are being upscaled to a 4K output right here the use of AMD’s FSR spatial upscaling generation. For the quite easy art work right here, FSR does an excellent task at keeping up element. The Collection S unencumber, as an example, has very equivalent edge detailing to the higher-end machines in spite of rendering internally with not up to part the pixel rely. FSR frequently provides relatively combined ends up in different titles however right here it really works smartly: the mix of lower-detail art work and restricted digicam motion displays the methodology at its easiest.

However what in regards to the underlying visible settings? Builder’s Adventure is an especially scalable name, and the present=gen console variations are available against the tip finish of that scale. The Xbox Collection releases lack any RT options, however glance moderately very similar to the PC model at max settings and RT disabled. There are some cutbacks, on the other hand – bloom, volumetrics, movement blur, and intensity of box settings are all pegged to the PC’s medium choices, whilst ambient occlusion is about to low and world illumination is interestingly set to off. In direct comparisons the console variations hang up lovely smartly relative to the maxed-out non-RT PC unencumber on the identical solution, so those settings tweaks do not appear to affect visible high quality a lot.

In the meantime, the later PS5 unencumber packs two modes, like maximum video games with RT on console. The default mode is to go away ray-tracing disabled with a 60fps frame-rate goal. This mode seems just like the Xbox Collection releases in visible settings. Way more attention-grabbing is the ray-tracing mode, which halves frame-rate to 30fps however solution stays at 1662p with FSR upscaling. The visible settings that do not contain RT appear very similar to the PS5 in 60fps mode.

lego a builder's journey screenshot comparison digital foundry
Through accepting a halved frame-rate, the RT mode gives a extra real looking glance.

For reference, the PC model gives 4 ray-tracing settings – shadows, reflections, ambient occlusion, and world illumination, at 3 high quality ranges – low, medium, and excessive. PS5 in RT mode seems to characteristic implementations of RT AO and reflections, despite the fact that the PC-equivalent settings are not precisely simple.

The PC’s low RT AO environment turns out like a nice fit for PS5 – only a faint contact of AO round spaces the place geometry intersects. The location with reflections is a little more curious. Typically, reflections appear a lot much less provide right here than in different variations of the sport. The PS5 model operating within the 60fps mode showcases some handsome reflections, as does the PC model with all RT results enabled. On PS5 in RT mode on the other hand, reflections seem absent from the perimeters of many surfaces.

In line with the developer, problems with the way in which the reflections have interaction with fog, and issues of a particular shader sub-pass for computing lights for reflections, reason the reflections to actually disappear on some surfaces. A patch to mend the problem must arrive within the subsequent week or two, which might put the PS5 on degree pegging with the PC’s low RT reflections environment.

lego a builder's journey screenshot comparison digital foundry
Screenshots equipped by way of Gentle Brick Studios display the lacking reflections factor solved post-patch.

Fortunately efficiency is a a lot more simple proposition on PS5. Each the 60fps and RT modes hit their goals completely, with out even a touch of frame-rate drops. It is a reasonably sedate name with no need for twitch reflexes, however even nonetheless the consistency is favored. Collection X is in a similar way best possible, with handiest Collection S appearing any weak spot with frame-rates shedding to the 50s in one of the vital densest phases.

So what is the ultimate phrase at the console releases? Sadly, the headline characteristic that stuck our consideration within the first position – a ray-tracing choice on PS5 – does not ship the predicted effects at the present time. Presuming the impending patch fixes the problems on PS5, the RT mode must turn out to be a fantastic exhibit.

Excitingly, Gentle Brick Studio additionally instructed us that they’re making plans to unencumber this RT mode on Xbox Collection consoles later this yr, as soon as the Solidarity engine implements RT make stronger for Xbox.

lego a builder's journey screenshot comparison digital foundry
Is there sufficient headroom on PS5 and Collection X to focus on extra complicated RT on the expense of solution?

I ponder whether there is room for an much more bold RT mode too – person who sacrifices solution for much more ray-tracing options at increased high quality. The maxed-out PC unencumber is very difficult, however there must be headroom to push settings additional right here. As an example, in my checking out with an RTX 3080 Computer GPU, which has equivalent efficiency to a desktop RTX 3060 Ti, a strong 30fps in Builder’s Adventure with all settings maxed out used to be conceivable. That incorporates RT totally enabled at a 1080p inner solution, upscaled to 4K via FSR. This computer is a extra robust machine than the PS5 however it is in the similar ballpark, and using FSR manages to stay symbol high quality inside applicable bounds.

That mentioned, the non-ray traced iterations of the sport on PS5 and Collection X/S also are smartly price taking part in. Even with out all of the ray-tracing bells and whistles, Lego Builder’s Adventure remains to be a fantastic name. This is not a premier ray tracing revel in simply but, however the items are right here, simply ready to be assembled.

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