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Morocco has banned arguable British movie The Girl Of Heaven over its “blatant falsification of established details in Islamic historical past”.

UK cinema chain Cineworld has already cancelled screenings of the movie after protests over its depiction of the Prophet Muhammad’s daughter Girl Fatimah.

Now the Moroccan Cinematographic Centre (CCM) has issued a commentary to mention no cinema within the nation can be granted a licence to turn the film.

Morocco’s Excellent Council of Ulema has strongly condemned the movie, claiming its author, Shia Muslim cleric Sheikh Yasser al-Habib, was once stripped of his Kuwaiti nationality over his “extremist concepts”.

It describes the “incarnation of the Prophet” as a “heinous act that can not be approved through Muslims” and says it “categorically rejects the blatant falsification of established details in Islamic historical past”.

The Girl Of Heaven is assumed to be the primary on-screen depiction of Girl Fatimah’s existence.

Maximum Muslims in finding any portrayal in their prophets extremely offensive, making makes an attempt to take action extraordinarily contentious.

The filmmakers say they went to nice lengths to keep away from any holy individual being performed through an actor.

As a substitute they selected to put across them via a mix of CGI, lights and visible results.

Movie ‘may result in communal violence’

However Roshan M Salih, editor of the British Muslim information website 5Pillars, warned it might nonetheless result in violent uproar.

He wrote on Twitter: “Let me put this merely – Girl of Heaven must be banned as a result of it would result in communal violence.

“Muslims love the Prophet and Sahaba [companions of the Prophet] such a lot that provocations like this may result in felony reactions from some erroneous folks.”

He mentioned the movie may “result in a response although that response itself is mistaken”.

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Why is The Girl Of Heaven so arguable?

Egypt, Pakistan, Iran and Iraq are some of the international locations to sentence the movie.

In the United Kingdom, demonstrations have taken position outdoor cinemas in Bradford, Leeds, Sheffield, Bolton, Blackburn, Birmingham and east London.

It was once because of be proven in Cineworld, Vue and Show off cinemas.

However after the previous pulled screenings over protection considerations for group of workers and consumers, simplest Vue viewings seem to be to be had to guide on-line.

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