This MSI Ventus RTX 3080 12GB graphics card is $810 at Newegg, after $480 cut price

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Newegg has lowered the cost of the MSI Ventus GeForce RTX 3080 12GB to $810, down from a US MSRP of $1290. That is a perfect worth, particularly for the rarer (and extra tough) 12GB model of the 3080, which boasts the similar reminiscence bandwidth because the RTX 3080 Ti and extra CUDA and RT cores than the usual RTX 3080.

When this gave the impression at the web site, we weren’t completely certain if it was once a pricing error or now not, however as a few hours have handed and folks over on Reddit are reporting that there playing cards were packed up and are in a position to send, it sort of feels that Newegg is fatal eager about losing the associated fee on a 12GB RTX 3080 card right down to probably the most lowest costs we’ve ever observed.

For the ones in the United Kingdom, costs are just a little in every single place. Numerous the 3080 12GB fashions are recently nonetheless coming in over a grand and if you’ll resist the United States delivery instances from Newegg, the 3080 12GB will also be yours for a sexy low £867. There is not any rebate offers to be had, as that is simply an American factor.

3080 12GB vs 3080 10GB – is it price it?

So why cross 12GB over 10GB? The numbers aren’t simply larger for display, because the 12GB has extra compute energy with 8960 CUDA cores over the common 3080’s 8704. Whilst we’ve now not examined the 12GB variant ourselves, Virtual Developments studies a mean frame-rate building up of 6% in velocity. That is not an enormous development, but if this actual card is now less than many 10GB 3080s at the identical web site, why accept much less?

It is not the 12GB fashion, however this will have to come up with some concept of what this factor can do.

Different enhancements over the 10GB fashion come with the most obvious additional 2GB of GDDR6X RAM, a 384-bit reminiscence interface as an alternative of a 320-bit one and 912GB/s of reminiscence bandwidth vs the 10GB’s 760GB/s. As we discussed within the intro, this is identical reminiscence subsystem as used at the RTX 3080 Ti, however at a far lower cost. Should you use your graphics card for paintings – as an example, to boost up video enhancing – then the additional 2GB of sooner VRAM is usually a essential improve!

The 3080 12GB does want to draw extra energy, rated at 350W in comparison to the 320W for the 10GB, however in case you’re out there for this sort of top-end card, you’re already making an allowance for an influence provide that may energy both no downside.

This can be a nice deal on a hard-to-find graphics card, so it is smartly price selecting up – particularly if you’ll have the benefit of the upper VRAM allocation. It is usually nice to peer this deal is the most productive we will be able to discover in each the United States and the United Kingdom, which is reasonably a rarity.

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